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We are what we always do repeteadly, therefore, specialty is not a behaviour, but a habit. (Aristotle)


   What is the discipline? Discipline is taken from latin language, disciplina, which means orders. So discipline is doing things in orders. It is difficult to do everything in order for some people because they’re not usual to do that. But before we’re talking further how to do everything in order, let’s see why do we have to be discipline.

            Stephen R. Covey in his book “The seven habits of highly effective people” put discipline in one of the seven habits he mentioned. The seven habits, help men to be success. Of course everyone want to be success, and there are a lot of books and speeches which tell us the way to be success. But I just want to emphasize two points this time, they are: 


1)      Making a private management principles

2)      Doing the principles as a habit


Making a private management principles means managing yourself by principles you’ve decide. But what principles do you want to apply to be discipline? I think, all of the principles are just about arranging time.

The most usual  problem which people face in discipline is the lack of time. People -usually said: “I don’t have enough time”, but everyone has been given a same time, a same day, a same week, no one in this earth who has been given 25 hours a day, but why do many people have enough time to do their activity but the others don’t.

Maybe we can say that everyone have different activities, but let’s make a closer example. We are seminarians, who have the same activities everyday. Especially in a same class, we have same homeworks and jobs to do. But it’s usual for some of us to do our activity on time while the others don’t. In this case the problem must be in arranging time. Not all of the students can arrange their time well, although most of our time had been arranged. We  have not much spare time in a day, it’s only about 3 hours a day, but why do we can’t use it efficiently? 

I think, the most usual problem is that most of us do not do our activities on time, we're not discipline. There are some of us, seminarians,  who sleep when we should study, read novels when we should sleep and do others indisciplined actions. These indisciplined actions will result bad effects on us. These bad effects such as: we will get bad school grades, our health will be decreased, many people will hate us because we do not follow the rules.

I have two suggestion for us to build a discipline attitude:


  1. Do you activities on time and as you’ve been ordered

Maybe this suggestion seems too simple but this is the most important action to be discipline. Shortly, it means you have to speech when it’s time to speech, and you have to sleep when it’s time to sleep, and you have to hear when it’s time to hear. Imagine if the doctors plow the fields, the policeman injecting the patients, it won’t be funny, will it? So do you activities on time and as you’ve been ordered.

  1. Make a priority.

            We have to do the most important thing first, the secondary next, and so on. Of course we have our own priority. But especially as a student, our most priority is to study well.

I have not much advise for us . But I’m sure if we do these two suggestions well, we will get good effects.

Habit is a strong factor in our life, for our consistency and what we do, habit always express our character .


Thank you,



                                                                             Richardo Marpaung

                                                                             Syntaxis IPA 2007


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