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I have ever seen a TV program which title is challenge. This program needs courage of effort from the people at the surroundings to follow it as a participant and do something and perhaps they have never done, for example: climbing mountain side, eating very pungent one kilogram and etc, and who succeed to do it will be the winner and get some money. Many people in that place watch the program, but only a few people have courage to do it.
In our daily life we often face things we have never met before or a challenge. Well, when you are facing a challenge, how is your reaction, will you face it, or avoid it?. Certainly will face and subjugate it, but in fact most of us avoid it. Now, I will explain to you what is a challenge, and what we must do. So that we can face and subjugate the challenge.

Challenge is something, which perhaps you have never met, and it demands your will, courage, effort, and confidence to do that or to subjugate the challenge. In facing a challenge you must be ready to accept two consequences, they are if you succeed, you will get successful but if you fail, you will get failure, and it is the reason why many people are afraid to face a challenge, because they won’t to accept the failure and it is also to make we are different with people abroad. We are afraid to face a challenge, but people abroad like USA, Netherlands, French, appreciate a challenge very much, so, human resources in their country are advancers than human resources in our country. It shows us that a challenge is very important for every body.
So that you can face and subjugate a challenge, there are four things you have to do:

1. You must have a will and courage in yourself to face a challenge.
A proverb says, “If there is a will, there is a way”. This thing wants to show us that a will is an important thing in facing a challenge, because when you have a will to do something, at that time you will get the way too, to subjugate the challenge.

2. Avoid yourself from negative thinking, which say that a challenge only wastes your time.
What are you thinking while you do something influence your work? If you think badly before doing something influence your work. If you optimist, you will get good crop.

3. Always try to face and subjugate the challenge
We often hear and expression that to get success needs 99 % efforts and 1%
Intellectual. It shows that an effort is an important thing to get success, beside
it, big effort which you’ve do shows that you want to subjugate the challenge.

4. Confidence
You must be sure to your self that you can do it. If you don’t have a conviction
in yourself, perhaps all efforts you have done will fail. Always try to subjugate the challenge, of course at that time you will lose hope and you will avoid the challenge, because you don’t have a conviction, but if you have a confidence, you will try and try it again because you are sure that you can subjugate the challenge.

For example in facing a challenge is when we are walking from here to Parapat or Sipolha if want to do it, but you are afraid because you think at Harangan Ganjang or Sidamanik, there are many robbers, so we don’t go. It means you fail to subjugate the challenge. Or want and brave to do it, but in halfway there, you are tired and your legs hurt.

So you decide that you won’t continue your tour by foot but by bus, and it means we have failed to subjugate the challenge. Or we want and be brave to do it and we have tired it, but until ten o’clock in the morning don’t arrive at Parapat or Sipolha so we have lost your hope and we consider yourself can’t continue the tour, so we decide to continue it by bus and it means have failed to subjugate they challenge. But if we want and be brave to do it, we have tired it and we are sure that we can subjugate the challenge or arrive at Parapat on foot. I am sure that all of us can subjugate the challenge.
There are things, which I can say to you in my article. I hope trough my article, we are braver to face a challenge and subjugate it, don’t avoid it. And remember, “Live are full with challenges, but by facing them, you will know the meaning of live.

Oleh : Aloysius Lambok Siahaan
Syntaxsis 2005-2006

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