Minggu, 04 Maret 2007

The Power Of Laugh

Ella Wheeler Wilcox said that laugh so that world will be laugh with you. This Ella’s word is a good word to abbreviate that laughter is important, so beautiful and interested.
In this time I want to tell you about the power of laugh, which always you hear but never you understand.
Like Ella said before that laugh so that world will laugh with you. It’s true! Laughter will make your family more happy, to reach your healthy, and it shall increase your new friends, laughing can create happier life, pure, and spirited.

Happier life have been gotten, because we don’t be stressed to live a life and enjoyed in every obstacle life. Person who rarely be laughing, always be alone, and fill inferior is person who never be happy. Why I said like that? Because person like that will feeling that only him has a big problem and the most sadness man in the world. At last he has feeling very inferior. And do you know, what medicine that can treat him is? The better medicine, which can treat him, is laughing. That is the best medicine.
Spirit is sign that you are alive and laughing is a sign that you are conscious man. It’s conscious to work, to help, to have a new friend, to laugh, and certainly to be alive. We have many examples to say that laughing is important. For example, we have known about mother Theresa, she is a nice person, she has named the lighting footman because of her spirit to help poor man, but one special characteristic that she has, that is her smile and her friendly. There are many examples that we can take to be good examples. Mahatma Gandy is the other example. He has been India’s hero. He always wants to make India be free or has a freedom. His character, which always makes us, contented his smile.
In field of medical, Dr. Michael Miller, director of center for Preventive Cardiolog on Baltimore, proved that active humor person could help to prevent heart attack. This through indicate that giggle man and can for funny in every situation specially in dark situation, proven possibility has stricken by a heart attack smaller than person who never laugh or rarely be laughing.
Maybe for us those look at a priest and think that prayer is usually serious, closemouthed, etc. Pater Russel from Cambridge University protests it all.
He said that if we can free our soul, so soul would be free to do, which it likes to do. The one that it likes to do that is laughing! And he said that hermit is a man that usually be laughing.
Besides that, laughter an smile if it’s added by pity, understanding and friendly can make us have a new friend, because generally people more like to have a friend like that than hothead .In fact a lion will be tame by a little smile and friendly and remember that is a wise word from Spain which said that “Who lost his riches, he will lost many thing, Who lost a friend, he will lost more friends, however he lose his spirit he has lost everything.
Maybe you have a question on your mind want to ask me, “speech is easy, but how have a nice laughter?” The way is easy that is watching humor, thinking a way to joke or have a nice friend.
At last I want to say you that laughter is nice and in fact prove that laughter needs smaller muscle to work than angry.
So, be a laughter man or minimally be smile man.

By: Jasa Kaban
Class: Syntaxis B

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