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            A harmonious family is a vision of many people. There is a happiness when we see our families live in love. But the difficult is, how to make that thing happen? Many people always ask this question.
            Realizing the family is not a very easy thing. There are many challenges that  hamper the realization of this dream. But, it does not mean impossible. We can make it happen in one powerful way, that is to do ‘2S’ in our life, especially in our family. What is ‘2S’? It means in Indonesian senyum, sapa.
            A harmonious family is a family that grows in love. The best way to realize that love is by doing the ‘2S’ to each other. When we bound each other, we give them smile, and greet. Doing ‘2S’ is not difficult. There is a happiness when we smile, greet each other. So don’t why we do it?
Giving others a smile, and greeting are manifestation of family and harmony. Close intimacy is what will later form a harmonious family. Well, realizing the harmonious family is not difficult, right?
            We just need to greet each other, and give smiles to others. Well, we can node that doing ‘2S’ has the same meaning with I love you + You love me x 100% = Harmonious Family. So that, a harmonious family is no longer only a vision or a dream that we always expect. But, believe me our family will always and forever live in love.
 *by: Alfredo Siboro
Syntaxis_IPA 2017/2018


Merry christmas and happy new year for all of us! We must thank God for his mercy, because we can feel the christmas event again in this year.
            Open broadly your window, so that the sun goes down into your room. Open your eyes and look around from the window, so you will see the happiness of people.
            It is the time that you must go out from your home, and give your warm greeting with a sweet smile to everyone, to express your christmas happiness. Believe me, any confusion thst they feelwill go away after they get your warm greeting and your sweet smile. It’s the name of the power of smile.
            The researchers said that a smile can make our heart happy and give us young face.
            So, come on my friends, create your family to be a happy family by making a habit to smile and great to each other.
*by: Felix Sitompul
Syntaxis_IPS 2017/2018

I Forget to Follow HIM

“There’s no easy way to where I’m going”

            How is your feeling when you’re confused?
Since I thought about this vocation, I remembered my family, my brother, my sister, and my friends. As if all of them are out of my mind. Nobody could help me to carry my vocation at that time. All activities in Seminary are so boring. Vocation? Maybe those things do not relate to the journey of my life.
Seminary is the first place for me to know about this vocation. Many people said to me like that, and I feel the same with them. But, why don’t I want to try to follow HIM? Maybe this vocation will be better. Everything is like a joke. It is like a soldier without guns. I don’t have so many strong modalities to follow this vocation. Maybe, I must open so many opportunities.
As a seminarian, it is enough for me. I don’t want more than now. This way is so far and I haven’t been ready. I haven’t enjoyed what the vocation is. Everything is like same thing, nothing is special. But, I haven’t give is up because I believe, I have an opportunity. But, I never want to try the better things than following the rules. Why? Because I want to leave this place.
I am not a sharpen knife. But, I am sure to try this vocation again. The war is approaching me, and I still sleep in silence. This vocation comes and touches my heart. Actually, I still think of my dream. God calls me to follow HIM? I think it is right. Everything is cheating my mind. I dreamed of leaving my vocation.
Everything is like a dream. Actually, I have strong vocation. The reason, why I forget it is because I often thought outside my mind, without thinking of the thing inside my heart. I have regretted. This vocation slept in my heart, and I didn’t care about it. Actually, I am wrong because I forgot this vocation. This vocation passed a hard way. But, I’m sure I can.

“Never wait for things to happen, make them happen for yourself through hard graft and not giving up.”

  *by: Max William Sembiring 
Syntaxis_IPA 2017/2018

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